Everything About a Humidor

05 Jun

For those who don't know what a humidor is, it's basically a humidity controlled room or box that is used mainly for storing pipe tobacco, cigarettes or cigars. Either too little or too much humidity is enough to affect the quality of tobacco products. For this reason, the primary objective of humidors are to keep a desirable moisture level in its interior. Secondarily it is used to protect whatever content it has from deterioration and physical damage from sunlight. Learn more fro this site; https://cigarstar.ca/

If for example that this is used for personal preferences, then expect it to have a number of small wooden boxes that hold several cigars while most of the dedicated cigar shops have walk-in humidor in their facility. Normally, hygrometers are incorporated in these humidors to be able to monitor the level of humidity in the humidor.

Well in reality, there are four different humidor types you can find today and these are:

Number 1. Walk-in - walk-in humidors are so common especially in bars or cigar stores. Here, one room of the bar or store is converted or perhaps, specifically built to a humidor in which all cigars are kept and stored.

Number 2. Cabinet - oftentimes, this is positioned on flooring as a furniture piece that can store to as much as 5000 cigars.

Number 3. Desktop - this is basically a very common type of humidor. Most of the time, this is a boxed sized with lid on the top or has a number of drawers that can hold cigars from 25 to maximum of 500.

Number 4. Travel - as what the name suggests, such humidors are normally used for travelling, giving them a compact design to hold at least 20 cigars.

As for commercially made humidor cases, these are most commonly made from woods. Materials like metal and acrylic glass can also be used for its construction while silicon carbide, polyethylene and carbon fiber on rarer occasions. Aside from its pleasing aesthetics, the goal of casing is to protect the interior and make the closed environment airtight and durable materials. Discover more here.

The interior is a veneer of Spanish cedar which has plenty of sought after characteristics for the cigar storage. For example, it is able to hold more moisture compared to other wood materials to maintain humidity, it isn't susceptible to cupping or warping in high humidity, it infuses its aroma to the cigars etc.

When the humidors are newly built or not used after sometime, it has to be seasoned. This is necessary to ensure that it can do its job.

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