Crucial Facts about the Main Varieties of Cigar Cutters

05 Jun

If you love cigar, then you should find the right cigar cutter for your cigars. Most people are not conversant with the varieties of cigar cutters available, and that makes it cumbersome to pick the right one. Instead of biting off the end of the cigar, using a cigar cutter simplifies the task. This article discusses the types of cigar cuttersavailable, and it is useful in helping you make the right choice.

The guillotine cutter - It seems that this is the most used type of cutter by many people and you can find it in almost any store. You can find this type of cutter as a single blade or a double blade. The single blade is not as effective as a double blade, and thus, it is preferable that you buy the double blade. This cutter has different sizes to suit the sizes of cigars, and therefore, you should know the size of cigar you use and pick the cutter size that matches it.

Cigar scissor - This is almost same as the ordinary scissor, but this one is specially made for cigars. If you opt for this kind of cigar cutter, you should be careful as you cut because if done wrong, it can damage your cigar. It is beneficial to opt for this type of cutter as it is suitable for most sizes of cigars. Insist on high-quality cigar scissor which is sharp, durable and gives you value for your money in the long run. Get to know more about this company.

V-cutters - If you love tapered head cigar like Torpedos, then V-cutter is the most appropriate one for you although it is not a popular choice. This cutter brings out the filler, and that allows you to draw with ease. You end up with a concentrated smoke, and that is the thrill for most smokers. This cutter is a perfect choice if you have a thin gauge cigar.

Cigar punch - This is the kind of cigar cutter that you can carry around easily and use it whenever you want. Some people place it in their pockets while others have it on the key holder. It does not cut, but it punches a hole at the center of the top. This is crucial if you are using the cigar with mixed or short filler and it prevents tobacco from reaching your mouth.

When buying your preferred cigar cutter, it is essential that you get it from a reputable store that sells genuine products. You will use the best quality cigar cutter for a long time, and that gives you value for your money. You can find out the price of the cigar cutters in several shops so that you select the most affordable store.

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